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Mystery Shack Lookback

Jun 30, 2021

Charley and Ella review the first television episode Alex Hirsch and Michael Rianda ever worked on. The show yells at Ella. Ella retorts.

Watch Gravity Falls Episode 2: "The Legend of the Gobblewonker":

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Jun 23, 2021

Charley and Ella invite Alexa, who has barely heard of Gravity Falls, to record and discuss her reactions to the first episode.

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Watch Gravity Falls Episode 1: "Tourist Trapped":

Jun 16, 2021

Charley and Ella discuss their goals for this podcast/time capsule/book club.

This week, they cover

  • Alex Hirsch's student films that got Disney to invite him to pitch a show,
  • His original independently produced draft of Gravity Falls' premise,
  • How he formed a TV staff

Watch Off The Wall Episode 1: "Lady Troubles":

Jun 9, 2021

Gravity Falls' slow reveal of mysteries bred a unique, tight-knit community, where Charley Marlowe and Ella Cesari first met.

In their new weekly Wednesday podcast "Mystery Shack Lookback", they provide a historic timeline of Disney's first continuity-driven cartoon. A time capsule for old fans and a book club for new...